Spoken English for Intermediate

T his Intermediate level is the next to the beginner level. The aim of this level is to make the learners to communicate in English by giving practice on a day-to-day conversation. This level has more than 120 lessons and concentrates on conversation on day-to-day usage, Interactive practice.Intermediate Level is designed for learners who have moderate level in English in both active and passive skills. It is meant for the learners to develop their level of English to obtain the ability to take part both in personal and professional conversations. It helps the learners to communicate effectively in all situations.English grammar is challenging for all, but our teaching aid and methodology will help the learners to understand the grammar easily and to use the method through their interactive session.Through the Interactive method of teaching, the learners will be encouraged to participate in many advanced activities like Debates, Role-plays, Extempore speeches, Presentations, and Group discussions. The trainer uses authentic reading and writing material like newspapers, magazines, and reviews. These new activities would enrich the ability in English with a strong confidence to speak fluently.Our trainers will identify the interest of the learners and motivate the learners to be more active during the learning process. Our trainers are well experienced, highly knowledgeable, systematic with their lesson plan, and also have good objectives towards teachingAt the end of the Intermediate level, learners will be able to communicate in English effectively.

This is an advanced level of Basic. This level would be for the learners who have knowledge on basic grammar but are hesitant to speak and also for those who lacks fluency.
College Students
Job Aspirants
Business Executives
Professionally qualified Trainees aspiring for a successful career
House wives

30 Hours per month - Each class will have 75 Minutes duration

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30 Hours Per  Month  - (All days) Each class will have 75 Minutes duration



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